When it comes to amateur football, we provide the best possible service for the participating clubs that compete and spend time and effort to make the whole tournament a success. It can be quite difficult to manage several football teams from around the country. It is more difficult to set sanctions and provide rules and regulations for all the teams to follow and adhere to. Though it can be a challenging action to do, the Amateur Football Associations aims to do the best that it can to give you the most professional game available in the amateur arena.

Rules and Regulations

Ever since we started as the official organization for amateur football in the Netherlands, we relied heavily on professional football to help us develop the rules and regulations of the game. We are also in constant communication with other European organizations that can assist us so that we can formulate a uniform guideline that all amateur football teams can follow and respect. It is quite an achievement for us to create a set of standards for all the amateur football teams to abide by and obey. This may be because of the love for the game that all of the founding members of the organization were able to do the best that it can without the support of third-party organizations.

If you are interested in learning and understanding the game of amateur football, you have to read and study our list of rules and regulations that are available on a separate page. It will be a useful material for you especially if you are choosing a path that is professional football. If you are interested in the organization, you can register on our page and get instant voucher codes and coupon codes on products and other football merchandise.