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The Amateur Football Agenda supports the game of football. We have the same passion for the game just like the next person next to you. We may have been in the business of sanctioning and setting the rules and regulations for the football games in the country but we still care for the game. And our main focus for the association are the players and the team themselves. Even if we give them voucher codes or not, we still want to offer them the best promo codes available. The real bonus here is providing any kind of athlete get the opportunity to play the games that they want to play.

Men and Women Football

We support men’s and women’s football in the country. As you may have seen, our country sends men’s and women’s football teams in international cups and competitions. We want to foster the same recognition and care for our female athletes as well as the male ones. This is because, as the governing organization, we want to keep things fair and free. We have set almost similar rules and regulations to both leagues. It just differed mainly on gender-specific needs. But all-in-all, our main target is to level the playing field and open football to both men and women.

Collaboration with Shops Online

We have partner sites such as online shops like Lazada and Zalora which give us special discounts and voucher codes to our supporters and followers. If you like to get coupon codes on products from our affiliate sites, you may register to our page. You can search for these online shops for football apparel, footballs, and other accessories. We can even hook you up with various products if you are looking to supply the players of your team.