History of Football

Football is a great sport to watch and be part of. It showcases the talents and skills of athletes in different aspects of the game. The apparel and the football themselves are not that expensive to buy. You can even get more discounts through voucher codes released by online shops like Lazada and Zalora. But to understand the game more, you have to know its origin. You have to learn where and when it all began to be the best in the sport. The knowledge of the history of the sport will also teach you how the sport has evolved throughout the years.

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History of the Sport

The earliest record of the sport of football, as stated by FIFA, occurred in mainland China. They call the sport cuju. The sport is described in a military manual that dates back to the early second century BC. The dynasty at the time when football was played in China was Han.

catchOn its counterpart in Japan, the sport was developed during the Asuka period. Their term for football is kemari. The game was played and performed in the imperial courts at that time. But the gameplay was quite different. In kemari, the ball is passed from one person to another. The ones who joined the contest all stand in a circle. The main goal of the game is to not let the ball touch the ground.

If it comes to sports, Greece and Rome are both countries that excelled in creating and performing sports for the audience. According to records, there existed a game called Episkyros. This is evident as it was mentioned in the play created by Antiphanes. Clement of Alexandria also made mention of the same name. In this game, Episkyros resembled the game of rugby football. In the FIFA records, Episkyros is recognized as an early form of football.

The game of football was not all glory throughout the centuries where it existed. Sometime in the 1300s, a law was passed in England banning the game of football. It was also stopped in the 18th century because it was used to cover the protests existing at that time.