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Football is the most recognized sport in the world. From its famous superstars to multimillion contracts, many athletes aspire to be part of a prestigious team and play at international leagues. Anyone who has kicked his first football and played the sport, dreamed of becoming a professional footballer someday. He wants to widen his playing field and be on an international platform and compete with the greatest in the sport. If you have been on an Amsterdam city trip or got an Amsterdam holiday, you may have caught a glimpse of a game between international football teams composed of great talents and fantastic clubs.

Amateur Football

But before you get to the big leagues, you have to start small. You may want to play in universities that compete in football against other schools. Some of these athletes with raw talents can get into the sport by doing a tryout and showing his skills to the club. Another way to do it is by joining an amateur football club in the Netherlands. Here is where the Amateur Football Agenda comes in and takes over.


Amateur Football Agenda

We are an organization that mandates and governs the various amateur football leagues in all of the Netherlands. You can expect us to be at your doorstep if you are establishing an amateur club in your area. We want to protect amateur football clubs by providing them an opportunity to be recognized by a national organization. By signing up on our organization and by being acknowledged as one of the amateur football clubs existing today, you can show football players and other leagues that you are a legitimate club who can support and handle the business of amateur football.

Humble Beginnings

The organization was first established in 1907 as a way of supporting amateur footballers and amateur leagues. Since we want to make amateur football leagues have a new wave in the sports scene, the founders of the organization reached out to amateur leagues and provided rules and regulations in which they will agree on so that both the football club and the footballers are protected and kept safe. For the football club, this means that the club is sanctioned and is governed by a national association. For the football athlete, this means that they are well-protected in their rights as a player and as employees. They will all be under contracts and they can make money while playing in their respective clubs.


Amateur leagues are played by people who spend better parts of their day in other roles and only come to play out of a passion for the game. Many benefits are playing amateur football leagues; this included promote physical and mental health, social and economic benefits. Moreover, you can enjoy the special discount from our partner sports equipment and activewear brands. You can use vouchers likes; kortingscode asos, coupon codes for Jelmoli and code promo manor. 

These leagues are associated by people with different professional backgrounds, thus providing a platform for a teacher, a doctor and a journalist to meet on the same level. This helps in creating strong professional networks, blivakker sin hjemmeside

We Offer

The website provides a way to reach out to fans of the amateur football leagues. We want to provide relevant information to them so that they will be updated on everything that is going on in the world of football. We provide recent scores of games. We also show updates or amendments on current rules and regulations of the league. We also give highlights of games and new changes in the management of clubs. We also give voucher codes and coupon codes on products and other apparels from our partners. These include online shops like Lazada and Zalora. You can also get discounts on tickets when you buy directly from our ticketing booths and outlets.


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